Marcos Antônio Candido Ferreira Júnior

Vasco da Gama


Vasco da Gama athlete.

Technical features: He is an athlete with technical capacity and performance to act as a midfielder or midfielder defensive;
He stands out for the team’s organizational capacity, technical quality to control the ball, doing the controlled ball rotation to both sides well and seeking good pass and assistance options;
The athlete has a long stride and good speed, even organizing the team he steps a lot in the area to give a pass option and to finish as moves;
Great reading of spaces and good ability to organize defensive lines, this is seen in the good positions for defensive coverings and disarms;

Name Marcos Antônio Candido Ferreira Júnior
Date of birth 1995/05/13
Height 70 kg
Weight 175 cm
Position MF / Midfielder, 
Nationality Brazil

2014: Bangu – U20,

2015: Bonsucesso,

2016: Volta Redonda,

2017: América-RN,

2017: Bangu,

2017: ABC,

2018: Paysandu,

2018: Bangu,

2019: Vasco da Gama,

2020: Vasco da Gama,


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