Lauder Cesar Perez da Silva

Pouso Alegre FC

Pouso Alegre FC


Pouso Alegre FC athlete.

Characteristics: Lauder Cesar Perez da Silva, player who passed through major clubs during the youth division, such as Flamengo, Vasco and Corinthians, this one had great prominence during the São Paulo Football JR Cup, as professional played for ABC, Marcilio Dias, Nacional SP.
Striker with good positioning and use within the area, resolves the plays with few touchs on average makes 2.21 touches on the ball when he is inside the area, good quality in finishing because he has a good technical repertoire.

Name Lauder Cesar Perez da Silva
Date of birth 07/08/1996
Height 75 kg
Weight 170 cm
Position Forward
Nationality Brazil



19/20 Nacional (SP) Sem clube
19/20 Marcílio Dias Nacional (SP)
19/20 Globo Marcílio Dias
18/19 Marcílio Dias Globo
18/19 ABC Marcílio Dias
17/18 Corinthians U20 ABC
17/18 Novo FC Corinthians U20
16/17 Corinthians U20 Novo FC
15/16 Flamengo U20 Corinthians U20
13/14 Corinthians U20 Flamengo U20
13/14 Vasco U17 Corinthians U20

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