Jackson Kenio Santos Laurentino

FC Egnatia

FC Egnatia


Player of FC Egnatia

Features: Jackson Kenio Santos Laurentino, 04/24/1999, 21 years old, player with passages for base clubs in the northeast of Brazil, like Bahia and ABC, great clubs in the national scene, already as a professional he was present in the team of America MG and Vorwärts Steyr Austrian club.
As game characteristics, the athlete can play as an attacking and extreme midfielder on the left side, he stands out for the percentage of certain passes 75.4% during the games, and a large part of these passes are in the offensive sector creating goal opportunities, good quality in submissions being 82% on goal, good positioning always presents itself as a game option for your teammates, leading to many actions on the field.

Name Jackson Kenio Santos Laurentino
Date of birth 1999-04-24
Height 65 kg
Weight 176 cm
Position MF / Midfield
Nationality Brazil

2017/2018 – ABC,

2018 – Ypiranga,

2019 – América Mineiro,

2019 – Vorwärts Steyr


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